What was the last thing you were tempted by?

For me, it was a white chocolate and cookies Magnum.

I gave into my temptation.

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It’s always meat. The world’s worst vegetarian


I bought four (4) bags of the Lidl own-brand equivalent of Riesen - The Chocolate Chew yesterday.


this is all going to be about food and is going to be quite uninteresting isn’t it

sorry everyone

Earlier today, I was very very tempted by the heavily discounted Easter eggs in big Tesco, but I managed to resist.

Later on, I was very very tempted by by the 3 for 2 offer a comic shop had on Image trade paperbacks. I did not resist.

The comics cost me like £30. An Easter egg would’ve been about £2.50. 1-0 guntrip’s restraint

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I was tempted to see if I could fly off the edge of the world, but in the end I just found a couple of Koroks and a shrine. Honestly, though, it worked out okay.

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The salted caramel chocolates out of the massive baileys Easter egg my mum bought me.

temptation itself

Stewart Lee at Bristol comedy garden. Not bought yet but probably will.

Here is a non-food one. I posted this giant ball of wool in the daily thread earlier

They had a lot of other colours that tempted me but i just bought one


super blood hockey on the switch.

gave in and bought it.

this a really mesmerising colour, looks like it’s glowing.

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A few film screenings in Birmingham for the Flatpack Film Festival, but I need to account for how knackered I might be after work and like money and stuff

5 caramel creme eggs for 41p in Tesco Easter overstock firesale. That’s 8.2p each FFS

Like just caramel eggs or actually caramel Creme Eggs? Cos I can’t even imagine the latter but I can believe that those mad bastards at Cadbury have done it

Port, in a crystal decanter, next to a cheese board, in a hotel restaurant overlooking the sea.

fancy fucker

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That’s Devon.

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They are the same size as Creme Eggs but are based on Cadbury’s Caramel rather than fake egg fondant filling. The real deal m8

ah okay that’s fine then, as you were

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