What was your favourite subject at school?

And did your passion for it continue into your adult life?

Mine, as a Mickey Mouse human being, was Media Studies. Long shots, diegetic sound, close ups, mise-en-scene, love the lot of it.

I am still into media and I still enjoy the study of it

  • Eng Lang
  • Eng Lit
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Business
  • Media
  • Foreign Language
  • PE (tory option)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religion
  • IT
  • Art
  • Maths
  • Other, can’t be arsed with any more

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Ended up working in the media. Still bang into it

Media Studies and yes. I still love to study media.

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Would’ve loved to have gone to a school that offered media studies. Mind you, I still managed to become a massive pseud without it.

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History was my favourite. I ended up studying Archaeology and I have a keen interest in history to this day so yeah, I continued it on.

PE/Games when we played football would be my favourite individual classes, and things like art and CDT were fun, but maths was probably the class that I enjoyed the most throughout all of school.

Eng Lang and Foreign Language are the same, obviously.

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I put down IT - I’m an oldie, so my schooldays were pre-internet, and I imagine that whatever IT means to me means something completely different to someone five years younger than me, and is radically different to kids now.

Anyway, I’m still dicking around on computers all day at work, and tonight I’m going to dick around on Ableton, so yeah, I guess you could say I continued with it.

Biology, obvs. Also enjoyed geography a lot and weirdly Latin was good fun (Romans and stuff).

Art and yes, i am an artist

English most of the way through school (which encompassed Lang and lit) then in 6th form just Lang because the teacher p much sat there and chatted away and was generally extremely entertaining, whereas the lit teacher was prickly and irritable and we mainly sat in silence.

It would have been tonnes better if my school did photography.

Used to love GCSE art. Was just drawing and having a laugh, was in a class with 2 of my best mates. Teacher used to play really quirky music out the speakers too. Good fun

Never do any art anymore sadly

English literature, without a doubt. It felt like the only subject at school where we were actually learning and understanding how people end up being the people they are. Did it at university, still read fiction almost every day.

Didn’t really get on with sentence structure or anything like that so English language always felt like a drag, and the two were mostly taught together. Boo.

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I think it might actually have been biology over chemistry, because school level chemistry is pretty dull. Chose it as a degree because it seemed like it had potential* to get more interesting.

I wouldn’t be the patent twat I am today without it.


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This is so true. Even my undergrad was just about remembering stuff.

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was maths for me all the way up til degree level - I think it helps that it was my best subject, but also I liked that there was a definitive right answer that you had to try and get, much less subjective than other subjects. then I hated it at uni and binned it off after the first year.

software developer nowadays so don’t use maths directly all that much, although the whole logic, taking the required steps to get to a desired outcome etc. still applies

also I wanted to do media studies for GCSE, put it down as my first choice but didn’t get it. ended up doing History and Geography instead :frowning:

history was easily my favourite subject. english lit too.

really hated maths back then, but over the years have realized I’m actually not bad at it. found some of the ‘mental legwork’ you do studying philosophy very similar to solving problems in maths, and used quite a bit of maths in previous jobs and always liked it.

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Hated maths, but it’s my favourite (maybe) to teach!