What was your first Amazon purchase?


I was 15.

In the coming months I bought albums by The Rapture, The Datsuns, Hole, The Killers and Morrissey. I also bought a ‘100% Unofficial’ biography of Muse :rofl:

Also found this from the same year, @Antpocalypsenow



Still the best mp3 player I’ve ever owned.




That’s the same Muse book I got! What a pair of bellsniffs.



We both ordered Hullaballoo and a copy of the world’s leading football management simulation and also we both owned the same Muse unofficial biography. This is amusing to me.




Should’ve got a Rio Karma, m8


Yeah, I was into the Wire b4 you pricks



iRiver H340 was the way to go, lads



The perks of being a wallflower
The outsider
Fear and loathing in Las vegas
The trial
This side of paradise

Protoypical teenage dis bulk book purchase innit


That was my second choice. A distant second, mind.


According to Amazon I bought 1 thing in 2002, but it’s not able to tell me what it was. Maybe a book? Crazy I know

In 2003 the 1st thing I bought was



Good god. Fire me out the gammon cannon.





Our band could be your life.

Happy with that.


this book for my bro’s gf now wife as a birthday present



Think I was relatively late to the online shopping game


then this book which I believe I bought for Creakyknees