What was your first car? 🚘

Realise this is a bit of a privileged thread but inspired by @he_2’s post in the daily thread, if you learned to drive what was your first motor?

Had a red 1997 Vauxhall Corsa called Roy that turned a bit pink in the sun by the time I was done with it. It got broken into 3 times while I was at university and I couldn’t really be arsed to clean it properly so the back seats always had a lot of glass in them.

3rd time the only way they could fix the ignition was to give me push button start on the dash so you popped the key in, pressed the red button and then held down the green until the engine started.

The driver’s side window didn’t roll down properly and I found this out the hard way at McDonald’s when I had to pop out the car and lean into the window of the drive-thru booth to give my order,

I have never owned a car.


1989 Vauxhall Astra. Red.

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I had a red Corsa as well. 06 plate. That was my first car, although I was a named driver on my wife’s 05 Skoda Fabia at that point too.

It was a complete hunk of junk, also faded badly in the sun but I loved it and felt pretty empty when I had to sell it for scrap two years after getting it because it would have cost three times as much to fix it as it was worth.

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Technically, the only car I’ve owned is this Ford Focus we currently drive.

Learnt to drive in a Peugeot 106 independence, then shared usage of my dad’s Citroen Saxo and the TV’s Ford Fiesta before getting the current car.

L reg Peugeot 306 in red - looked a bit like this

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2010 brown Skoda Yeti :sob::sob::sob:

Poor thing. It was an awesome car.


an M-reg (I think) Rover Metro Rio, much like this image


Peugeot (the lion goes from strength to strength) 205 metallic blue. 1.1l

Treated it like fucking shit. Which worked in my favour when being pulled over by the Babylon and we had shoved chronic between the back seats, they searched the boot first but my maggots had escaped from a recent fishing trip so they gave up immediately. Good tip that for budding drug mules. Make sure you clear the casters out though as your car will fill slowly with very lazy flies thereafter.

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Don’t try and dress it up by adding the name of the trim. “Independence” probably meant it had a cassette player.

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that’s a corker :+1:

Was, and still is, a 2003 Ford Focus. Looks like this:

CD player I’ll have you know. And some sort of awful fabric trim

this is advice I suspect I will never need. but thanks.

looking for another 1000 year ban are we?

Red vw polo. Wrote it off within two weeks. That’s the way to do it

I had one just like that. I liked that car.

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