What was your first word?


my mum was so surprised she nearly dropped me

Does it not rain a lot where you grew up?



don’t know my first word, but first sentence was apparently “they’re great!” copying the frosties tiger

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My brother used to call a toothbrush a doodabrush apparently, which remained a family injoke for quite a long time.

28 years old he was

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Allegedly, mine was “NO!”, shouted at someone who’d gone digging for something in my Mum’s handbag (at her request).

As an aside, I didn’t speak for so long as a baby that I was referred for a hearing test, to which my Dad’s response was “that boy can hear a packet of biscuits being opened from upstairs”. Apparently I completely ignored all the sounds during the test too…


I would babble four or five names on repeat: mum-mum-mum-mum-dad-dad-dad-dad-nan-nan-nan-nan-den-den-den-den-dog-dog-dog-dog

(Dennis was the name of my uncle. Didn’t have a dad tho so who knows why I said that)

Dunno, mum claims to not remember. I do remember that the first word I could read was “Asda”, though.

My parents like to tell me that my first word was “ARGENTINA” - I find this a bit hard to believe but the story goes that we would have been on a family holiday in 86, the World Cup would have been on and my dad would have been shouting “ARRR-GENN-TEEEENA” at me in the style of a south american football commentator celebrating a goal until I emulated him one day at the lunch table.

Mine was reasonably memorable…

Γαμώ το

… Which means ‘fuck’


No idea. I’m old and my mum is hardly likely to remember either.