What was your last... Before lockdown

A thread for talking about nice gigs and sporting events and restaurants and cinema trips and things that we did in late February / early March

Gig: big thief at rock city
Cinema trip: bacurau
Football match: lost 6-2 against top of the league dendale after being 1-1 at half time. Completely folded in the second half. Pathetic.
Restaurant: last fancy meal was tare in Bristol, souk Kitchen (also in Bristol) was the last of any sort I think. Both excellent

Beginning to quite miss doing ‘things’

Gig: Self Esteem at Electric Brixton (have missed Little Brother as a result of COVID which is enormously galling to me)
Cinema Trip: Dark Waters
Football Match: Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City (Martial, McTominay)
Restaurant: I think Wagamama maybe?

I very, very much miss doing “things” (but those “things” are specifically going to the cinema and watching/going to the football, don’t really care about gigs tbh)

What about ‘playing football’?

Struggling to think of the last live game I went to. May have been Newcastle winning 2-0 at Bramall Lane

Haven’t “played football” for ages tbh, think it must have been when we had the Bulgarian lads over and did some five-a-side during which @bergkamp went in goal with jeans on, there were a couple of injuries and I had to “have a word” with one of the non-Bulgarians for taking it way too seriously for a work social event.

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No, it was Colchester United 2-2 Exeter

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cinema : Dunno - some marvel thing probably?
football : newcastle v ?? (I take the lad and don’t pay too much attention)
restaurant : um… probably a pizza express??

honestly can;t really remember life before corona

doing things was alright wasn’t it?

edit : it was everton
edit : film was Rise of Skywalker ffs.

Last gig was Penelope Isles at Chalk - pretty sure I caught the Rona at it (I’m fine now though , please do not be concerned)

Cinema - think it was little women with my daughters. I cried

Meal - can’t remember

Football - Oxford United Vs Luton , maybe 1988?

When was your last email that did not begin something like “I hope this email finds you well in these strange and challenging times…”

Oh hang on, it was The Orielles, not PI

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Gig: The Decemberists at rock city (i.e. aaaages ago)
Cinema trip: oh gosh, something with the little’uns. Genuinely can’t remember
Football match: 1-0 home defeat to Guiseley. Looking back, I really regret going (it was the week where the National League were the only ones playing).
Restaurant: hmm I think it was Golding’s, which has since shut down

Gig: Modern Nature at the Green Door Store. It was rubbish. @grievoustim - do you mean Orielles? Penelope Isles was back in December
Cinema trip: I dunno - something six, seven, eight years ago?
Football match: Never!
Restaurant: December last year for my other half’s birthday

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Gig: Jon Hopkins at bridgewater hall, Manchester 13/3/19
Cinema trip: Esto no es Berlin at Home, Manchester 16/3/19
Football match: Leeds v Huddersfield (2-0) 7/3/19
Restaurant: Rosa’s Thai cafe before the cinema 16/3/19

Good side


they’re no Hertha

Good thread idea…

Gig: The Hold Steady at Electric Ballroom. Through serendipity, I actually went to four gigs in five days that week (Ladytron/Stealing Sheep, Sheep On Drugs and Holy Fuck also) which is not the kind of thing I would usually manage :+1:
Cinema trip: Parasite. Was good.
Football match: Playing? Haven’t played for about a year :frowning:
Restaurant: The Tap Room in Deptford for pizza and wanker beer. Would kill to repeat this experience right now…

Gig: Big thief at Fruit market
Cinema trip: Marina’s Fantastic Tale at Glasgow Film festival
Football match: Dunno PTFC losing to Celtic probably.
Restaurant: Luckily had some friends visiting like the weekend before lockdown so went to Bibimbap (vegan bibimbap), CCA (amazing veggie wrap), Phillies (jackfruit bao) and Paesano (pizza) in the space of 3 days

Gig: Sufjan at RFH (can’t get any better so bowed out after that)
Cinema: The Last Skywalker
Football: Not 100% but I think it was Chelsea vs Spurs (4-2) and Mutu banged in two. No got some freebies for England 2-2 Switzerland at the ‘new’ Wembley.
Rezza: Pizza Express!

People are welcome to post other ‘things’ they enjoyed ‘doing’ btw. Don’t feel you have to talk about football if it isn’t your thing, funny and old a game though it is

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Gig: I had plans to go see Braids at the end of April :sob: I honestly can’t remember the last gig I went to. I had plans to start going to lots this year.
Cinema: Invisible Man.
Restaurant: Origano italian restaurant. But also my birthday is at the start of May, we had reservations at a new michelin starred restaurant and I am so sad :’(