What was your last... Before lockdown

Gig: A Winged Victory For The Sullen at the Round Chapel. It was a wonderful show in a wonderful venue.
Cinema trip: Parasite. Good and silly. Not sure it was Oscar material though.
Football match: watched = Arsenal 1 v West Ham 0 (pretty average game), played = 5-a-side (was on the winning side)
Restaurant: Palatino in Clerkenwell, an Italian place specialising in Roman food and a regular haunt. The maître d’ knew it was farewell and brought out the prosecco. A very sad night.

When you think ‘old games’ chess comes to mind, but backgammon and draughts are both older. Funny eh.

And cinema was Parasite. Fucked this

Gig: Dimmu Borgir and Wolves in The Throne Room @ HMV forum, January 2020
Cinema: The Favourite, summer 2019
Football: Southampton playing someone at the old dell ~1997
Restaurant: Uncle Nam’s, Stoke Newington, N16. rating 8.7/10

Last coffee made not by me : 17th March at Baker Street Coffee

Shamefully the last pub I went to was a fucking wetherspoons :confused: NEVER AGAIN.


Answer to all: something something in 2015

Single parent lockdown aficionado


still going to my local coffee shop once or twice a week, feel too bad for them :confused:

Gig: Pillow Queen at the Good Mixer - March 7th 2020
Cinema trip: The Photograph -March 10th 2020
Football match: Partick Thistle Vs ??? - October 2016
Restaurant: A Caribbean place in Camberwell, March 14th 2020
Theatre: Death of England - National Theatre, Feb 29 2020

I miss being out.

I grabbed a bag of cans from my local a day or two after lockdown started.

last pub I went to was friday13th before the Jon Hopkins gig.

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Gig: Marika Hackman at the Riverside in Newcastle. End of February. She was good. I had a ticket to see Martha that I think was in the first week of March, but it got cancelled about two hours before doors cos everything was starting to spiral then.

Cinema Trip: Misbehaviour, the last night Cineworld was open. Was already wfh-ing then, decided to try and have a normal evening while I still could, so snuck away at half four to go for a beer and to that. It was alright 7/10 sorta thing.

Football Match: Never

Restaurant: Don’t really do restaurants. We did a Pizza Hut buffet on a random weekday off work back in early February. Ate so much, felt so ill afterwards.

Even as someone with no real social life, I too miss stuff.

lies!! also went to the pub before the cinema

Gig: Sisters of Mercy, Albert Hall, Manchester.
Cinema: Call of the Wild.
Football match: Newcastle v Stevenage, FA Cup replay, 1998.
Restaurant: Bundobust.

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Gig: Gruff Rhys at Earth Hackney. Which was a while ago - last Oct. Was meant to be seeing Richard Dawson at Barbican in March, and Redd Kross in May
Cinema trip: Parasite
Exhibition: one about printing in the East End at the Nunnery Gallery in Bow. V. interesting. Discovered there used to be a Leyton and Leytonstone Eisteddfod in the early 20th century!
Restaurant: Pizza Express near Russell Sq. with GF, after going to a Hidden London thing at Euston (which was ace - saw loads of old advertising).

Gig: Shellac in Cardiff (I think)
Cinema Trip: David Copperfield
Football Match: Newport County 0 v 1 Cambridge United
Restaurant: Tiny Rebel Brewery

I had you down as a much more frequent cinema goer.

i rarely enjoy cinema trips tbh so i don’t go all that often


i went to see rise of skywalker which was brilliant

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It would be funny if a film came out about the magician around the same time as the other one, no? Just 90 minutes of the Eiffel tower disappearing etc

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Because of annoying people or because you rarely like films?

Gig: can’t remember
Football: watching- Milan 1-0 Torino
Playing - cup game, 1-1 against a team in the division above us, we won on penalties
Cinema: dark waters I think
Restaurant: some vegan pizza place I think