What was your nearest second-tier theme-park / amusement park / whatever as a child?


Mine was Paulton’s Park (it’s a hoot hoot!)

There was also a place called Tucktonia, but I only went there once, when I had chicken pox. It closed down shortly afterwards (unrelatedly)


there was Barry’s. i’ve got a scar on my back from the rollercoster


Rotunda in Folkestone, the log flume was the tits:



Never went to one. Not something mum could really afford (it’s a bit of a slog to go to these from London).

Anyway, I didn’t get sad about it.


M&Ds. Awful place.


Your parents’?


Flamingo Land. Bullshit.


That’d be Ms.


Lived ten minutes from Thorpey P and around 20-30 from Chezza.


I live a stone’s throw from Marwell. It’s EFFING ACE.


Ah, apologies (shaky territory; weak joke)


If they did Tezza vouchers I would be there on Monday, instead I am off to Whipsnade (which is a little better but Marwell is good).


and i have monday off too! :cry:


I went there on my 10th birthday!


No worries :slight_smile: He’s still alive (I think), he’s just a twat. Unfair of me to pull the absent dad card for a cheap joke, but the awkwardness of it makes me laugh because I’m a complete prick.*

not my fault, didn’t have a father figure around when I was growing up.*

  • *see, like that


come back for you 11th!


American Adventure. It closed down a while ago and a photographer took some really grim photos of it decaying before it got completely razed.

The Native American head on a pile of rubble is the East Midlands’ own Ozymandias.


Equi-distant between American Adventure and Alton Towers


Sundown in Nottinghamshire. Fond memories of this:


Good one, Dr. Bulletpoints.

(I knew he’d buggered off at some stage or another)