What was your secondary school like? With polls and chat


Was it:

  • Private Day
  • Boarding
  • Comprehensive
  • State
  • Grammar
  • Faith
  • Other

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What was the gender mix?

  • Mixed
  • All male
  • All female

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Errr I dunno… normal? What’s normal?




dunno what those are m9


Looking back, how diverse was your school?

  • Very diverse
  • Pretty Diverse
  • Not Very Diverse
  • “Your kid goes to the private Berkeley school with one black kid”

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Got rhe best gcse results in my entire year and got given a trophy I had to return sonthey could use it the next year.

Once someone got on a feature on gmtv for urinating onnthe janitors windows


They knocked my school down years ago; it’s still a desolate wasteland. Probably some decent wildlife in the wild grasses which have overgrown it.


what’s the diff between a state school and a comprehensive?


Probably comprehensive but I’m assuming


My sceondary school was an all boys comp. It’s apparently now an academy. Tim Peake is an old student apparently


Yeah I had a look online and mine’s an academy now too. What does that mean?!


Well, to my pretty sketchy knowledge…I thought state schools existed in the catchment areas of grammar schools…whereas comprehensives were found in non-grammar areas? Put me straight if I’m wrong…in fact I’m sure it is because kids I knew had a choice between state schools and comps. Pretty sure there IS a difference though.


They can have more flexibility over the syllabus. Can pick and choose the subjects they offer according to my TV. Also directly funded by government


Funded by governers as opposed to the council I think


are we allowed to laugh at the poshos?




We had a rector


Neo con and bad


I don’t know what a rector is :flushed:

Oh is it Scottish.

Please make a Scottish poll