What was your secondary school like? With polls and chat

Primary school was a faith school and I got an ‘official warning’ for telling my classmates that god didn’t exist. An edge lord even then


@urbanfox calling you out for putting grammar, all male and “very diverse”.

What was you behaviour like?

  • Got expelled
  • Got suspended
  • Always in detention
  • Star pupil

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I answered state but I think I mean comprehensive. I have no idea

Neither does the guy who made the poll…


lol @ english schools. none of you even know what kind yous went to.


Feel like a massive Tory whenever I have to mention I went to a boys’ grammar school. It wasn’t like that though! There’s quite a few grammar schools in Brum and ours was by far the worst of them.

Putting all-boys aside (except a handful of girls in the sixth form), it was very diverse in terms of the background of the kids who went there - basically just an intellectually superior (safetywink here) version of any other school in inner city Birmingham I suppose…

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There was a fire when I was in year 7 around June time and we only had to go in twice a week until the end of the year, bliss

Your best subject

  • Maths
  • Science
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Art
  • Technology
  • R.E.
  • P.E.
  • ffs eric, you forgot _______

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Well diversity is positive…it sounds like yours was better than mine at least…I reckon 99% of it was white, 80% of it was middle class and obviously 100% of it was male :confused:

This poll just for me?

Geography… bit of humanities, bit of science I’d call that… - I’ve gone with science cos human geography is shit (and I liked physics too)

oops :smiley:

Science? Where was biology, chemistry and physics?

Actually, never mind, it would’ve been a massive poll if you’d put every subject in.

ffs eric, you forgot History (I got the best GCSE results in my school that year)


said technology but it was split into techy / graph comm / craft & design

all in a separate building. pretty much all i did.


The phrase “languages” reminds me of a moment when I was doing one of those charity fundraising jobs…

I was chatting to a guy of middle Eastern descent, he wasn’t donating but I’d given up by then and just liked chatting. As he went to leave, he apologised for his “broken English” (though it was actually very good) so as he was leaving I shouted after him “that’s okay, you’re English is much better than my” …realising that I had know clue what his mother tongue was “… languages”.



history is humanities!!

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What was your schools main sport?

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Other

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Essex champs at rugby and football
Girls competed at nationals for athletics

PE teacher now is the manager of Lincoln City #UTI

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