What was your secondary school like? With polls and chat

You forgot ‘first year of Scottish uni’


The most famous person is this guy, who joined for the sixth form:

not even aware of what that is

so many weird stuff in my school. In particular, the girls who came into our year in lower 6th (all male up until 6th form) were told to stop wearing so much makeup/making their uniform ‘sexy’ (or something) because they were distracting all us hormonal 16/17 year olds.

Fucking hated school

Tim Peake
Steven Segal (???)
Jimmy Hill

  • religious school
  • state school

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  • I was a member of the smoking crew
  • I didn’t feel the need to rebel in the most pointless way possible

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Current BBC political correspondent Chris Mason…nobody else I’ve heard of, though

I hung out with people who smoked even though I didn’t

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No one that I remember. A few people from my year and year above have gone on to be successful - three actors/producers in LA doing pretty well, and the guy who sat next to me in English is a fairly successful model. Think our only proper claim to fame was that it used to be a POW camp and that German goalie was held there, can’t remember his name though. Oh and for some reason we used to get premier league football teams who were past through using our front football pitch for practice. David Ginola was playing out there one afternoon at the peak of his Head and Shoulders advert fame. It was a really shit pitch and half up hill, god knows why they used it.

Bert Trautmann?

We don’t have sixth form but tend to do an extra year at uni instead


didn’t smoke but still considered myself a member of the smoking crew

That’s the one

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Oh :frowning: Was he a cunt back then too?

We had an actor and a radio 1 dj.

Did your religious education make you:

  • More religious
  • less religious

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6th form is 2 years, so is there another year accounted for somewhere?

idk i meant it more in the way we have here where there are Catholic schools which are in part ran by the catholic church, and state schools which are non-religious

school didn’t have anyone, some cricketer, college has a few:

Annabelle Apsion, actress (Shameless)
Rikki Clarke,[4] England cricketer
Ben Elton, comedian and writer.[5]
Alexandra Evans, winner of Britains Next Top Model Cycle 4
Isabel Hardman, journalist at The Spectator
Rufus Hound, comedian and television presenter
Rachel Hurd-Wood,[6] actress
Ingrid Lacey, actress (Drop the Dead Donkey)
Stephanie Merritt, novellist and critic
Andy Salmon, Commandant General Royal Marines[7]
Simon Shaw,[8] rugby player
Isaac Stanmore, actor
Lucy Watson, socialite on Made In Chelsea
Tom Ackerley, director and partner of Margot Robbie
Phoebe Thompson, former cast member on Made In Chelsea


No we do 6 years of high school (1-6) but go to uni a year early.

(May have all changed now, it’s been a while!)

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