what was YOUR shit seaside town?

Oh my god. That’s actually made me a bit emotional :heart_eyes:

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Is that near Cadbury World? I don’t know Brum well outside the city centre tbh

Loved the pillboxes at Walton

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I somehow didn’t visit Largs until my mid-thirties and still haven’t visited Troon :open_mouth:

Love Ayr though, great wee place

you’re such a silly sausage

Newquay? I like Newquay though. Or Tintangel maybe. There’s a tiny amusements there. Padstow was my nearest seaside town but it’s got no fun stuff.

One thing people don’t tell you about seaside towns is that everything rusts really quickly because of the salt air. I love salt air but it fucks up everything.

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Couple of mile down the road. I know which one I’d rather go to

What?! It’s just across the water!

The WW2 ones? Yeah I was fascinated by them!

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Blackpool twice a year (day out in summer, day out for illuminations)
Filey for holidays (week at Haven, once sometimes twice a year)
South Shields 3/4 times a year visiting family

Nowadays I live in a very nice seaside town (Hove) can recommend

hate padstow. too many hills.

Tintagel is such a great place

I know :grimacing: Non-school mainland trips were always either straight to Glasgow on the train or an exciting excursion to the Magnum (RIP) in Irvine. Ayr is a relatively recent first-time visit too…

Also went to Turnberry for the 2009 Open (travelling from Edinburgh, ironically) so no doubt I’d have visited Troon if they’d put the golf on

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Can’t remember if it was Penzance or Padstow that me & my mum agreed was the worst place in Cornwall

where bouts?!


they’re not as nice as Irish seaside towns

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Hastings/St Leonard’s/Bexhill :relaxed: