What was your specialist sport at school sports day?

It was high jump for me, due to a combination of me being okay at it and other people having no interest in it.

alright SDD, how you keeping?

i was good a distance running at school, by distance i mean anything over 800metres

In primary school I was very good in the skipping race which was actually mortifying.

In secondary school I was ok at sprinting (as in not bad enough to be humiliating)

middle-long distance.

Absolutely stunned the athletics community by finishing 1st in the 1500m in the 1st year of secondary school. Rested on my laurels somewhat after that (got fat)

Sports day was just athletics for us.

I used to do triple jump. I used to win, too, but that was because you were only allowed to compete in three events (+ a relay), and the two guys better than me at triple jump used to go for the 100m, 200m and long jump instead.

I used to do the 400m and/or 800m as well. I would usually be in the top 3 for those.

Competitive not showing up to sports day.

Not bad man, you?

I once attempted long distance running (this was in primary 7 or 1st year) and trained alone basically pacing myself like I’d seen guys on the telly do.

When it came to the actual event, everyone else set off at a sprint, so I sprinted as well, not wanting to look daft compared to the rest of them. After about 200m everyone was ready for passing out.

800/1500 metres. I ran for Plymouth schools and could have gone up to county level, but running is boring, so I just gave up

surprisingly good at distance throwing for such a puny kid.
was in the primary school relay team for inter-school athletics, also did “target throw” which was lobbing a beanbag onto a flat target

not too shabbly ma man.

haha yeah that happened quite lot to folk at school :slight_smile:

Did anyone’s school do a tug o’ war competition between classes? That was the best.

absolutely dreading having to get involved in the parents race at school sports day now.

Avoiding it

One lap of the track, whatever distance that was-400m? Loved beating the cocky little sprinters.

Also shot put for some reason.

Yup - was good…

400m, 400m relay, 400m hurdles for me. Was small and skinny all the way through school which somehow meant that I was good at the 400m for some reason. Was best at the hurdles, but that was mainly just because loads of people couldn’t do it.

please like this post if you ever tried to jump over a hurdle the wrong way at school and ended up hurting yourself quite a bit

we competed in form groups (probably the norm unless you went some weird secondary school with “houses”) and my form was simply pathetic at sport, which meant that me and two other boys did pretty much everything. I was never particularly good at any of it. Think I came 4th in the 100m a couple of times.

Once watched a hurdle race where a guy fell over the first hurdle, went through the middle of the second one (so underneath the part you’re meant to hurdle) and started dragging that with him, before abandoning any other hurdles and just sprinting up the side of the track to the finish line. This was on an ash park, so his knees were all grazed and stuff, it was amazing to see.

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fucking love that the official olympics channel has uploaded this

Incredible. He barely leaves the ground when attempting that first hurdle.