What We Do In The Shadows (TV Series)

Anybody else been watching this? I liked the original film but, some of the stuff in this has been even funnier Matt Berry’s Vulva topiary is particularly haunting. Also can’t stop hearing Kayvan Novak’s character being called Nando in a northern accent.

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The werewolf plunging off the roof :sunglasses:

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That’s one of the few bits thats raised a smile so far. Not a patch on the film imho.

Yeah, it’s been a bit slow really

This is great, glad there’ll be a second season. I think it’s got really strong potential.

The Trial episode is a banger.

Ok, 4th episode was much better

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I really like the little faces Colin pulls.

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tash demetriou is the best


She’s so fucking funny (in general, I haven’t seen this)


was worried they were massively milking the franchise but first couple of episodes are decent so far

turns out she was in a sketch troupe i got dragged along to see at the Fringe like 7 years ago. they were a bit hit and miss but had some good bits from what i rememeber

highlight was me trying to go to the toilet midway through, finding the door wouldn’t open and having to shrug and go back to my seat, much to the laughter of the entire audience

I like all the cameos in episode 7, including the three vampires from the film

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how blade is an actual character in the universe and also then Jenna gets the idea to use motorcycle helmets to watch the sunrise from seeing the film blade.

magic xylophone?

Just noticed sam bain and jesse armstrong are exec producers. Hope they get to write an episode at some point.

It’s effing great. Cheers.

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Big fan, find it funnier than the film.

To be honest, Matt Berry yelling “BAAAT” gets me, so I’m on board early doors. Trial episode was brilliant.

The fact she was just called Tilda.


Maybe she was her character from Only Lovers Left Alive


‘Fucking Mike!’

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the bit where they’re in the church is terrific