What We Do In The Shadows (TV Series)

Yup, loved it. I’m not sure why but the quality took a nosedive this year. :frowning:

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Season 4 has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes so far, was expecting less considering the reaction on here. Not saying that that critics are unanimously right, just thought it was interesting seeing the difference in opinions.

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Why release it on Nov 2nd and not Halloween? Seems an obvious thing to do.

Too busy adding Hulu-original horror movies nobody has heard of.

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But not the Hellraiser remake. It’s all very strange.


fwiw I still got a lot of joy from it. To me there’s basically one very weak plot that runs through the season, and since it appears a little in each episode it means they’re all brought down by it - but the other stuff in between that is just about as enjoyable as its always been


every TV show on Rotten Tomatoes has 80% minimum unless it involves someone problematic

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Currently rewatching it all and though S4 isn’t as good as S2/S3, I still like it a lot particularly from the middle onwards. It starts awkwardly because after S3 you expect stuff to have changed, but the world just resets.

I do think they should end it with S6 though. The show is really comforting and I hope they don’t drag it out.

Late watching S4

Thought the first episode was quite bad but it’s got a lot better. Can’t believe they got Al from Stath in for the second last episode! (and the guy from Phoenix!)

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4 episodes into series 5 and it’s a proper return to form, some really great episodes and Colin is back to ‘normal’!

I love that Colin is back to normal. Good season so far.


Finished S5 and oh dear. I really don’t like the overarching story stuff (which has been infuriating) and it’s much less funny than the heady days of S2/S3. I think I’m out.

Late to the party with this, just finished S3 which doing my maths must be the ubiquitous “covid season” and maybe it’s my bias but it seems … significantly less funny than S2? Am I to understand that S4 is considerably worse?

I felt that S3 and S4 were a noticeable step down when watching as it aired., but having done a recent re-watch it is less noticeable. S5 was generally pretty good (although do understand to some extent peoples annoyance with it). It is still one of the better comedies currently going. Lazlo is now clearly the most enjoyable character, but I think that was true from the start.


Season 5 is on Disney+ now!


Enjoyable 1st episode

Shit on my face :joy:

the Nadja/Colin duet omfg

Finished that was much better than the last season Didn’t quite like the end Guillermo just going back to being human was bobbins, really loved Wong turning up and being full Salford again “Derek, ya dirty bastard”

really felt like they started writing it and realised they didn’t have many good ideas for Guillermo as a vampire so just hit the reset button.

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Absolutely killed by the end of ep 5 where they take over the news broadcast. Completely stretches the credibility but absolutely superb stuff.