What we eating?


WFH so eggs!


Feel SO BAD all of a sudden, probably nowt.


It’s Monday, which is tuna mayo on East Anglian baked potato day.




Food might sort you out?


But moving, offt, danger.


Might hit the Morrison’s salad bar.


It WAS East Anglian baked potato day even though it’s Tuesday!

None of this makes any sense.


a baguette and some stuff



Thinking of going to a pop up hair dresser in old st station where they’re doing a quick trim for £18. SHOULD I? I literally just need a few cms off to neaten it up.


Are you sure it’s Monday? I hope it isn’t


It feels like my Monday because I was at another site yesterday.

I’m so confused.


hummus and bread and tomato. not enough for a growing boy tbh.


Just had a really tasty salad :+1:


Every day feels like Monday. I’m glad they actually aren’t though


Nothing for me because I’m having a health check at half one, involving measuring my waist.

After that, all bets are off.


Made these bad boys for dinner last night:

Added spring onion and red chilli for a bit of bite. Would recommend


cornflakes and a banana


Cheese baguette from pret. Basically saps-level.


Veggie curry and rice and three slices of bread because I am a terrible person
And I’m still hungry ergh