What we should have done


Before wheelie bins there were all those bins that weren’t wheelie bins

Not sure what happened to them but what we should have done was got them all together (must be about 30m of them) and made the biggest fuck off pyramid the world has ever seen. Maybe in the midlands. Would have knocked Egypt back into the Egyptian age. We have the technology now. It would have boosted our tourist trade and probably brought a halt to Brexit due to the feel good factor.

What else should we have done?


Appreciated Lucien more when he was around


I think we should have voted ‘Remain’ in the recent referendum on Britain’s EU membership!!!


kept all the robin reliant vans and made an Only Fools and Horses themed race around London. Horses allowed too - but only if ridden by a certified fool


Wouldn’t have even happened with the bin pyramid.


Stayed on the old boards.


What time has made us forget is how truly evil Lucien really was.


I’m interested to know if this was a thought that occurred to you before, during or after the Stig of the Dump folk turned up in TWD?


The one in my folk’s back garden is so old it has no bottom, it’s just a temporary steel cage for bin bags.


we still have those ones at my flat. haven’t got round to these fancy wheelie bins yet.


Spent our time talking less about pizza… and more about Corbyn!!


So “a bin.”


It was when someone said that their wheelie bin had blown over and I thought is the wheelie part redundant as they are all wheelies, oh what about those old bins, what happened to them, should have made a fuck off pyramid.


If you’re quite short I’d imagine being able to squeeze in underneath.


Fascinating insight, thanks.

(Incidentally I am not looking forward to finding out where the fuck our bins have ended up in this weather, took em out of the road this morning but they could be anywhere now)


crushed the Irish


Urgh. It’s our green bin day. Guarenteed recycling everywhere.

Glad my wife’s home first.


Like that would make a difference either way! Amirite!


Did you read that Guardian pizza piece the other day about fig toppings in supermarkets and stuff? And some pizzaonista said that these aren’t proper pizzas but they had their use for spreading pizza awareness?

Some twenty year old pimply prick acting like he had discovered pizza and wanted to educate the pleb masses. Bury him in the centre of the bin pyramid!


Ahahahahahahahah hello the 1970s called! it wants it’s bin back!