What were the biggest location factors when you bought your first house/flat?

  • Proximity to mates
  • Proximity to work
  • Proximity to schools
  • Proximity to the pub/night life
  • Proximity to transport links
  • Proximity to shops

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It was one of six flats in the city that I could afford :woman_shrugging:

I was living in it. I hate moving house so much I decided it seemed like less hassle to buy the place when the landlady put it up for sale than move out. Don’t even particularly like the place.

Edit: and it was cheap




Went for the cheapest town vaguely near home, got an extra room and a garden which I wouldn’t have if I choose somewhere nearer to work, and the nice bits of a cheap area seem nicer than the affordable bits of a nice area. If I’d known the flat bellow was a first person shooter gamer I would not have bought this flat

Proximity to the flat I’d previously been renting.

Not in London.

Surrounded by nice countryside (and cheaper than Croydon)
Close to train station
Close to shops
Close to M25

I know this goes against the ‘you are better buying the worst house on the best street’ thing so maybe it should be changed to ‘you should buy the worst house in the best street in the worst area’

As far away as possible from all of those things.

Turns out not all that far on my budget though.

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Proximity to lifetime of debt