What were they thinking

when they designed the capital letters in our alphabet? Some are big versions of the lower case letters and others are a whole new, unrecognisable thing altogether. Where’d you G from? I just wish there was some consistency, that’s all


H makes sense from h because it’s like an evolution where it’s grown an extra arm and is finally complete.

E from e though? Not having it. Don’t even look related.


Billy and the dinosaur

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Maybe it’s a posture or maturity thing. “T” is putting in the effort, standing to attention, while “t” is all slouching and slacker attitude

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Originally there were only capitals. Lower case came from people writing them quickly and trying to use fewer strokes or rounding the letters.

Yeah, a classic. Always wanted to find the first book I remember reading which just had ‘Look’ on every page and nothing else. Made me think this reading malarkey is a piece of piss. Look


I have fond memories of that cover shoot


At first glance I read that blue sash as “Discover the secret letters” and thought I’d been missing out

There was a good three or four part history documentary about all of this a few months ago on BBC4.

I think you have to blame The Romans for turning some of the letters to face right and their capitalisations.

Yeah it’s stupid.,i’m with you @billy_jizz

All this shit has become totally real since having children and trying to teach (especially this year). So much of reading and writing you take for granted its nuts. Yeah i know the big version doesn’t look like the little version but i can’t explain it punk, just write them out! Trying to explain why certain letter combinations make certain sounds for no fucking reason is really hard. I mean, i can’t even write decent sentences most of the time so they have no chance

You know what’s irksome? That the way we’re taught to write a lower case “a” is nothing like how nearly all fonts render a lower case “a”. Which one does? Comic sans!

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you’ve done me there. Comic fuckin sans :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Somebody didn’t learn to read with letterland

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I bloody well did!

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Quite into the idea of handwriting becoming obsolete in our lifetime. Colouring in and that can stay but the next generation should have literally no use for cursive writing.

I think you’ve just triggered what might be one of my earliest full memories for me! Was the last page “Look! A Circus!”? I think we did that book on my first day of primary one.

The Gløbål Conspiræcy

I’d like to see a lower case version of numbers, I reckon there could be some real surprises in there.

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