What were you doing ten years ago?

Can’t believe 2007 is ten years ago, mates. My entire twenties have passed since then, literally.

I’m starting this thread now to use as a means of procrastination throughout the afternoon/evening, so I’ll write more about the 2007 version of WR later on, you guys get it started for now. As accurately as possible please. Chat and internet pictures and all that sort of thing is encouraged, as long as you also answer the question.

Was probably not working on my dissertation

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In Year 12. Preparing to get a total of 12 marks on my AS Maths exams :smiley:

Probly wanking


Just finished my mock GCSEs!


Working at a bowling alley whilst increasingly failing to maintain an absurd long-distance relationship that was partly responsible for me dropping out of uni a year earlier. I had recently turned 21 two days after my Gran died and that combined with my poor decision making had led to my relationship with my parents being at it’s lowest ebb. It wasn’t great.

John O’Shea had just scored a last minute winner at Anfield though so it wasn’t all bad.

working and about 2 months away from the end of a 5 year relationship, and a trip to florence

March 2007… Would have been in my second year at uni, generally having an okay time, feeling a bit aimless but having a pretty good time nevertheless.

Chatting with dickheads about on a music forum, man I must have been in a dark place.


I was studying in my first year at university. I had been with the TV for nearly a month. In other news:

I had a cocktail of sorts judging by old photos. And had terrible hair.

I listened to this music. Vibing on Luke Vibert apparently.


First year of college, so at half-four on a weekday I would just be thinking about of getting the first few cans in. I was in a viable long distance relationship at the time, enjoying living in a new city and really enjoying absolutely destroying my body with alcohol at levels of consumption I’ve never matched.

Yes! Remember watching that down the pub.


I remember watching that in one of the side rooms of one of the college bars. I eventually ended up working there for four and a half years and was manager by the end.

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I was having a good time. Not.

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Fucking great day that, was back in the days when I could afford to go fairly regularly, we were so fucking good back then… Sigh…


Had moved back to belfast a few months before, had a miserable time (not because of belfast), left a year later.

Last ever visit to Glastonbury. I still have the pair of wellies bought for the occasion.

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Brendan Rodgers, is that you??

Had just moved down to London and was looking for a place to live.

I was just about to go to this gig on the Saturday night: Arcade Fire Concert Setlist at Carling Academy Brixton, London on March 17, 2007 | setlist.fm

Followed by my first ever How Does It Feel? at the Phoenix Club.

probably annoying my teachers and playing lots of pro evo, think I was into Dr. Pepper in a pretty big way.

27 I was