What were you doing ten years ago?

Was that with support from He.?

I may have been in the same room as marckee ten years ago! Would anyone like to touch me?

was in second year of secondary school, had just started going to gigs and was spending far too much time playing Oblivion and Halo 3

The support was Electrelane. That was weird.

No, Electrelane.

I have been in the same room as you before, at that Daniel Kitson/Neil Hamburger show at the Union Chapel six (SIX!) years ago.

Oh yes! Touches are still available everyone.

revising for AS levels. in 3 months I suffer a fairly bad concussion, completely forgetting that I had done them.

was obsessed with Yo la tengo and Mogwai at this period of my life.

24! :slight_smile:


Second year of Uni I think, building robots, playing ultimate frisbee a lot and trampolining occasionally.

I must have gone on the Thursday or Friday

WOAH. Didn’t think I was five years older than you!

Probably getting high/drunk or hungover/coming down if I’m brutally honest.

I was:

  • working for the Citizens Advice Bureau, travelling around Cambridgeshire in a beaten up Ford Fiesta and trying to keep people in their homes / away from the bailiffs;
  • in the process of doing our house up and moving to Norfolk;
  • married to Mrs CCB;
  • a mere newcomer on drownedinsound.com

On a Monday afternoon? Alright, Duck WK. (Oh, i missed the hangover/comedown bit)

(aware I’m a bit of a babby around these parts)


what could possess anybody to move to tunbridge wells?

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Just 17. In a band that sounded like a terrible version of Devo. General scallying around the pubs of my hometown despite being underage.
I remember being given the backdoor key so my dear old parents didn’t have to keep the porch light on and leave the front unlocked for me. Also meant my curfew went from 2am to no curfew at all, yay.
Also remember getting a bit of a bollocking for abusing this privilege on a school day pretty much immediately.

Your mum

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people who were like, 27 back in 2007 - do you remember looking back on 1997 and thinking - ‘oh man, 1997 was so much better than 2007 - 2007 sucks’?

2007 was great for me. 2017 sucks.

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Definitely didn’t. 2007>1997, easily.

2007 was just before the CREDIT CRUNCH hit, so it’s pretty much better than every year since, too.

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