What were you forbidden from doing by your parents as a kid?

i was forbidden from swearing and we were often threatened with having our mouths washed out with soap if caught, my ma followed through on this when she caught me calling my mate a “a fucking bastirt!” when i was about 7, can confirm soap tastes rank

don’t think we were allowed to buy gobstoppers at the shop either as a kid from our estate almost choked to death on one

Wasn’t allowed to play with toy guns or swords when I was young. Weirdly though as soon as I got age 11 I was allowed to watch Terminator 2 and Aliens with my mum.


Eating crisps with MSG/Flavour Enhancer in them because my Mum read something saying it gave you cancer.

I was forbidden from swearing and got in major trouble for telling a friend’s Mum to “p-p-p-p-piss off Lou” after seeing it in Mrs Doubtfire and not realising it was swearing.

I was also forbidden from watching most of the cool TV shows other kids watched so was very behind in terms of my ability to role-play as a turtle or whatever.

Drinking cola.

Putting cold hands on the radiator cause you’ll get rheumatism.

Eating certain things cause I complained they gave me trapped wind ONE TIME. My mum still tries to police this now by being like “you can’t eat grapes!!”. Mother I am almost 30, I know what I can and can’t eat now.


Sugary cereals eg frosties or coco pops

It was a very bran flakey upbringing

Were never allowed arctic roll for some reason. I’m not sure if it was necessarily forbidden, possibly I could have saved up my pocket money for a few weeks and bought myself one to keep in the freezer, but the logistics of that were beyond my 8 year old capabilities


Youngest of six kids so very little, tbh.

Have a friend who wasn’t allowed to watch ITV which I find incredibly funny for some reason.


were you allowed other sugary drink alternatives?

to be fair art attack aside itv’s kids stuff was pish

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I was not allowed to watch Sex And The City despite really really wanting to and my mum bought me the box set when I was finally of an age to be suitable to watch it. That age was 21.


There was one bit where my parents would record Mr Bean on VHS and pre-watch it to check that we could watch it once they’d given the all-clear.

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Chewing/bubble gum
Watch Grange Hill
Play on my commadore 64 for more than an hour a day (it took that long to load so as a consequence ive never really been into computer games/consoles (bar Football manager))

Because it was shit?

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Oh, wasn’t allowed to have a bike as we lived on the top of a steep hill and my mum was convinced I would crack my skull open.

Trick or treating.

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Drugs and violence i believe…

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Yep. Probably caffeine I guess.

I know a larger amount of people than envisaged who weren’t allowed to watch Grange Hill or Eastenders as a kid

Elliott lent me Ali G Indahouse on DVD once and my parents saw me watching it and told me off and then I wasn’t allowed to hang out with Elliott for a while but then they allowed me to again.

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