What were you forbidden from doing by your parents as a kid?


Yeah nor me.

My parents made 100% the right call on that one. Top stuff.


I was forbidden by my mum from joining the local football team at age 6 because that was for the ‘common kids’. I had to play rugby instead


Hang around at the arcades on Southend sea front. Still did.


batter my wee brother. other than that i kinda did what i wanted


“it’s begging” my mum would always say,

My mum seems to hate anything American. We’re currently in a war about throwing my brothers girlfriend a baby shower cause my mum is like “it’s disgusting!!” about it.
Kind of agree with her but also kind of want to throw a baby shower.


only thing i can remember not being allowed to watch was the basement scene in pulp fiction. rest of it was totally fine though, apparently


Trick or Treating
Coca Cola was banned until I went to secondary school.

Otherwise pretty much whatever, no complaints


I had the Grange Hill thing - but only when I was very little (like 4 or 5).

The big one was bedtime - my parents made me stick a 9 o’clock bedtime for far too long, meaning I missed pretty much every show everyone was talking about in school the next day (things like the Yound Ones and Blackadder). Think it was relaxed by the time I was about 13.

Also daft rules about when I had to be home - they were fine with me going out to the pub from the age of 16, but had this weird thing of wanting me home by 11:25 at the latest, which was peak hanging around outside the chinese takeaway talking shit time. I got round it by staying at a friend’s house, or saying I was going to a party that finished later or whatever


Yeah I weren’t allowed to go round the village asking for sponsorship when we had to do sponsored shit at school either. My Mum would draw up a list of about 10 people and then would ring them beforehand to explain I was going to go round there asking for sponsorship.


your mum did you a favour here - I haaaaated having to go round the neighbours asking for sponsorship


I never did anything sponsored so that never came up thank god.

I would HATE to ask anyone for money now and that’s probably why.


Eating ‘sweets’ before lunch, especially on Sunday.
I vividly remember being about 8 or 9 and out with my mate late one Sunday morning and we (completely against character) got given a Mars Bar each by his next-door neighbour for helping her with something. I couldn’t resist having a bite… just as my sister came round the corner to fetch me in for dinner. She ran off and grassed to my mum, it didn’t end well


Yeah never done anything sponsored as an adult. Would probably just donate it all myself if I was doing a FUN RUN or whatever, can’t be doing with asking people. Did do a charity collection at our wedding but that’s a touch different.


I remember being told off for saying the same combination of words when I was that age, because some older kids had told me it meant you were really impressed with / interested in something. So I was at home later on, thumbing through a book in the living room and occasionally excitedly saying “Wow! FUCKING BASTARD!”


My Dad did some VHS magic and edited the bit out of True Lies where Jamie Lee Curtis does a striptease. Remember him repeatedly muttering “it’s completely unnecessary”


Apart from the usual my mum had a no two hot meals in a day policy. That’s why we were packed lunch.


Hard drugs


Wasn’t allowed to watch ITV. My mother also hid children’s TV from me until I was around seven and I went my granny’s house during the week because I was ill. I came home and told her about all these programmes that were just for kids and she told me it must have just started because she’d never heard of such a thing.

Also wasn’t allowed to trick or treat, drink pop, eat sweets, eat food while walking around (this is common, apparently) or hang out with Iain down the road because “he’s always snotty”.


what was her reasoning for this?


Not really forbidden from anything but I got a clip round the ear’ole once when my mum & sis settled down one Sunday evening to watch The Waltons and I said ’Do we really have to watch this bunch of crap?!’

I think I must have been 7 or 8