What were you forbidden from doing by your parents as a kid?


Not really too sure. Too scared to ask now.


but utterly compelling


“No singing at the table!”


Unlucky mate.

My mum didn’t let me have fizzy drinks until I was 14, but at least she allowed me to shoot up heroin whenever I wanted.


My mother’s exact thoughts…


Another one for chewing gum here. My brothers and I used to walk to the newsagent on weekends and buy packs of Batman or WWF cards which always used to come with one small stick of gum. We’d open the cards up outside the newsagent and bin the free gum like the Sunday school attending, God-fearing pussies we were.


Watching Skins (did it anyway)
Having a lie in on Sundays (had to go to church except on Remembrance Sunday)

My mum worked at the church and aged 10 til 14 we had to sit in the back office during school holidays while she worked, which was mostly very boring. We weren’t allowed to have friends come over to keep us company, and we weren’t allowed to go to friends’ houses :frowning:

Saying “oh my god”. Swearing - fine, taking the lords name in vain - TERRIBLE.


You were friends with @thewarn growing up?


this sounds absolutely fucking brutal mate


Got my mouth washed out once for swearing at a neighbour.

Got caught smoking when very young. Must’ve just been because of some older kids or something because it was primary school age. Got sat at the table and forced to smoke until i felt ill (not very long).

This sounds bad, but it was the norm at the time. My folks were seriously not strict at all otherwise. Far from it. Basically no rules from high school age onwards. Different times, innit, and i was a fucking terror, tbf.


Cross the East Lancs road, weirdly. This was a huge annoyance as most of my friends and a girlfriend at the time lived on the other side, and Boothstown was boring as hell.


It was a really odd experience. We could go and explore the rest of the church building (the actual church itself, the rooms that it hired out, the kitchen, the lobby) and grounds - so sometimes my brother and I would do fun stuff like building fortresses with kneeling cushions or bibles, or play hide and seek. We tried to get onto the organ mezzanine but it was always locked, and found a trap door in the crypt (sadly nothing interesting in there)

More usually we would steal food from the youth group cupboard and bring our GameCube to play on and have big arguments about what game to play, or I’d write or draw.




ah it sounds a bit less draconian if you were allowed to roam about at least, i had visions of you being locked in some musty back office for weeks on end


It was like that if all the halls/church was booked out, or if there was a funeral, but generally we could roam a bit.


This was very common during the Zammo McGuire heroin storyline.


Drink anything blue like slush puppies or Powerade


blueberry juice?


Only found out that existed a few years ago!


old ma wormit kept that one quiet didn’t she?!