What were you forbidden from doing by your parents as a kid?


when my mum was young she wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music on the radio, but i was ok to play brutal death metal in the car so fair play to her for that

one i particularly remember as being ridiculous is that my mum would get angry if one of us used the word bum, had to say bottom


Hang out with the kid down the road who my mum considered to be a bit rough. He recently got banged up for trying to rob a Londis with a glue gun so she might have had a point there tbh.


Genuinely can’t think of a single thing. Never swore in front of my grandparents but it wasn’t a RULE. no food was off limits, never told to be in for a particular time, didn’t have a TV in my room (by choice) so no film/tv rules, used whatever machinery I liked in the shed without supervision, had girls over whenever I liked without a “talk” and so on…

I reckon I’d be fairly similar with my kids but bearing in mind my teeth are falling apart, I’d probably limit sugar where possible so they don’t get used to spadefuls in te/on cereal etc… Also try and limit phones til they’re older but by persuasion, rather than outright banning.


You know Bruce Lee’s not really dead, don’t you?


we never got to have Viennetta, but I don’t know if that was because it was too expensive or if my mum thought it had too much unhealthy stuff in it.

also couldn’t watch Power Rangers because apparently it influenced [dark reason that would bring the mood down].

never got us toy guns or swords either, and to this day I don’t like killing or even maiming people with either, so fair play.


I wasn’t allowed to watch Grange Hill either and I always thought it was some uniquely mad idea my parents alone had dreamt up. Clearly not.


Crack cocaine


only allowed to dabble with blow? seems fair


Think i’m going to be a terrible or amazing parent. I’d let them do most things


even support city?


Most things.


Nah it was Phil Redmond I think


I still pretty much adhere to this now. Will only have a cooked lunch if I know that I am having sandwiches or the like for tea…


I don’t understand this reference.



Neither was I ( along with wwf game on playstation). I once bought a wooden rifle from a summer fair which my mum confiscated off me and offered back to the other day, 18 years later. Jokes on you ma, I already own 4 real rifles!!


Never allowed to trick or treat because Catholics, but tbh I agree with that because trick or treat is shit for wankers and I’ve never agreed.

My dad was convinced ice cream vans were run by peados and would make us ask for him to go with us if we wanted on, and he’d always say no.


No trick or treating. Agree with this anyway.

No Grange Hill…teen pregnancy issue I think

No toys with batteries

No swearing, still don’t and don’t really like it when people do. My Dad thumped me round the head properly hard when I shouted at my sister to f off once which really did knock no sweary sense into me…

No convenience or fast food, so never had McDonald’s or potnoodles or oven chips etc…were allowed to go to Wimpy on special occasions.


Wasn’t allowed to watch kids tv on a Saturday morning for some unfathomable reason (kids tv after school in the week - including Grange Hill - was fine).

Wasn’t allowed a pet either (other than a goldfish I won at the fair which was a fait accompli) as they, probably correctly, felt it would be them looking after it rather than me.

Other than that they were fairly reasonable, tbh.

Edit: swearing in front of them or other family members was the other one (which I’d agree with if I were a parent, tbh).


What the fuck is up with this soap in mouth thing. Awful

Edit: my mum told me she had it happen to her once, but it terrified me and she said she’d never do it to us. Just sounds horrendous. Swearing is hardly the end of the world is it


I don’t remember specific rules but I know that if I swore in front of my parents I’d be banished to my room for the rest of the day. Although it was easy to get out the window, onto the roof of the extension and onto the garden wall and into our neighbour’s garden and out.

I do remember the first time I came home obviously drunk. My mother’s response was simply to say: “If you throw up, you clean up.” And that was that. I took that to mean I was allowed to drink as long as I took responsibility for my actions.