What were you forbidden from doing by your parents as a kid?


can’t stop laughing at this


My Mum did this with Jaws. It was so heavily butchered that about 60% of the film made absolutely no sense.


I still get reminded of the time I was asked by my mum if I wanted to watch television, and I said no because it was (a) bad influence.

They thought I was being a perfect child, but in reality I knew that Bad Influence, a 90s TV show about video games/computing which my older brother watched, was on at that time


Want as good as God’s Gift though. When I thought Davina was ok and Stuart Hall wasn’t a massively dirty bastard.


Violet Berlin!!!


Actually, my Mum imposed that too after we all ate blue candy floss on holiday and my sister did a blue shit.


:smiley: wasn’t expecting that ending


Yeah, I still don’t swear around my parents. Obviously I’m sure I’d be allowed to now, but the only way to find out for sure would be to just say “fucking piss arse bastard” apropos of nothing


‘You’re a fucking great cunt dad. What’s for tea?’