What were your favourite Radio shows of the past?


I must say I used to Love the Breezeblock with Mary Ann Hobbs. She introduced me to Mogwai and Lemon Jelly to name a few. She would regularly play Aphex Twin - Nanou2 at the end of her show.
I used to like Rob Da Bank on a Saturday morning. Very Eclectic. I first heard Hot Chip on his show.


Jive Alive on Hereward Radio (Peterborough), with Mick and Sarah-Jane. Shit name, great show.

Indie music show at 7pm every weekday in the early 90s. Pre-dated lamacq by a few years I think. Introduced me to so much music I still listen to now - as well as British indie, they played all the US alternative/grunge just as it was blowing up. Would be at my cassette-radio every evening, C-90 in, finger hovering over record for when a song I liked came on.


yeah, Breezeblock and early morning Rob De Bank were both mint.

the former routinely blew my mind as I started to drift off to sleep. I remember when I first heard the title track of ‘In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country’ - I was already a fan of BoC, but had never heard that tune, and it was so pure and floaty.

but it was mostly about the stuff bordering on noise and pure electronics, for me. Mary Anne opened my mind like nobody else. her enthusiasm is still just the best.

the latter I only got up for a handful of times, mind, but it was always special - I was a teenager, so I hardly ever got up that early (and who else does at weekends anyway?), so there was a very particular feeling to it, being up at dawn and listening to music curated to go with that vibe.

I also loved Giles Peterson/Worldwide.

and the brief time I got to listen to Peel, ofc.


Hearing the Mighty Boosh takeover on The Breezeblock was something of an awakening for young @Juke.

Nowt to do with the music but boy do I miss Mark and Lar.d


Came here to say Mark & Lard, but now there’s NO NEEEEED!


Breezeblock subthread: songs that encapsulate the “standing outside naked in a rainstorm at night” chill that MAH described as the quality of her favourite tunes.


Yeah Mark and Lard were great!


Breezeblock for me. Exchanged a few mails with Mary at the time about some of the tracks she played.


Stu Allan on Key 103 back in the early 90’s. Legendary show for those in the know. Deary deary.


John Peel circa 1984-89. Magical.


myatt and perrys midlight line on beacon radio.


BBC Evening Session and Nick Abbott on Virgin Radio in the early/mid 90s.


Gods jukebox - mark lamarr on r2 was pretty special, especially listening late at night alone in the car, driving through the countryside.


Met him and chatted to him briefly when he DJed once. As nice as you would imagine.


I saw him at a Gaye Bykers On Acid gig in Nottingham circa 1988. He was chatting to people all night and taking tapes off people, etc. He reviewed the gig for The Observer. Saw him many years later walking through Digbeth in Birmingham presumably going to the Custard Factory, saw him from the bus, he was carrying a bag of records he’d clearly just bought in Birmingham city centre. Both times I never talked to him which I regret now hugely.