What will be the most viewed on TV in the UK

  • The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest
  • The Coronation of HM King Charles III

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Which one of these two is your personal favourite?

King Charles


It’s hard to gauge how excited the nation is for Eurovision when you live in Liverpool tbh

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Eurovision normally gets around 9m, I’d guess around 15m this year as we’re hosting.

The Queen’s funeral was watched by 29m dickheads. Charles is less popular so you can probably shave 10-15m off that.

The jury’s out but it’ll probably be Charles.

@ma0sm banger

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How excited is Liverpool?

Bunch of cinemas near me seem to be doing Eurovision events, not sure what that means for viewing numbers

Almost every pub, bar and venue is doing a watch party (I’m in work until 1am because of this :pensive:) and most of my friends are planning a big night out, but I haven’t done any vox popping so can’t speak to what the general public at large think.

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Cinema not the right vibe for it imo

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Never, ever underestimate how many angel delight brained Royalists exist in England.
Also sorry but there’s even more people that just don’t care about Eurovision.


I reckon combined audience across semi finals & final - Eurovision
Peak audience - Coronation

TREASON! How dare they not care about all Eurovision does for this country? It’s our national character and tradition, it gives a sense of continuity, it in fact creates much more wealth through tourism and leisure than we spend on it! And our Eurovision acts represent the UK on the world stage with grace and decorum, you wouldn’t want to hand that over to clueless sportspeople would you?

Both are terrible so wont watch either. They on at the same time? If wogan was about to commentate on both simultaneously then i’d probably watch 5 minutes but nope.

yes, the coronation will take place at Eurovision




excellent. 2 birds one stone and all that

Think I’m just gonna play computer games through both

I’m afraid I only recognise entries East of Germany.

If you class Ireland as honourarily east of Germany then this would probably improve the contest a whole lot

Maybe Iceland too

Hearing reports that Charles’s first official act as King will be to WITHDRAW the UK from Eurovision - PERMANENTLY!

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