What will you be doing next June to mark the 30th anniversary of

the film Jurassic Park?

I think I will mark the occasion by probably watching the film Jurassic Park again. Might not though, not sure.
How about you?

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I’m gonna bite a man’s arm off


Probably remarking on how wonderful it was to see a fully platonic relationship between a man and a woman represented on screen

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I’m gonna get eaten out

oh, what film will you be watching?

What about eating an old pig?

Space Chimps 2 : Zartog Strikes Back

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Might make a risotto

Refusing to accept its 30 years old, if anything

No, I’m gonna get eaten out

Sleep in a tree

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Here’s a fact for you. Someone who went to watch the film when it came out aged 35, would be 65 when they watch the film next year! How depressing! #filmfacts #oneforthefactsfans

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it’s called take out, Anthony! omg!

Oh shit! Sorry! Sorry! Yeah, I’ll be eating take out!

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No likey no lighty

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gave my children Jurassic park turkey nuggets yesterday. The chips were the ‘sand’ the broccoli was the trees. The ketchup was the blood of our fallen dinosaur comrades. The nuggets were absolutely vile, tasted like mashed kidneys.

Sounds good. I’ll pop round next time they have it for dinner

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