What will you be having for your lunch today?




Maybe some chips at Motherclucker near Rough Trade East. Hopefully, it stops raining.

Canteen menu says lamb (:nauseated_face:) rogan josh or pizza, so anything but those.

M&S buffet as we’ve got a lunchtime CPD.

I’m hoping for some chocolate orange mini-rolls.

I have brought in:

Might go and purchase:
crisps (?)
cake (?)

could smash some 'za right now

I had a packet of crisps and one of those snickers with a slogan on it insulting me

That’s my default setting, but… not at work.

1 x pastrami and mustard sanga
1 x bag o’ cheese tasters
1 x 'suma
1 x starbar


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Dunno, something from the canteen. Stay tuned.

Edit: fucking hell that’s annoying.

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already eaten:

  • rolls with tikka chicken inside them

still to be eaten, either now or during the afternoon:

  • Walkers Max BBQ Pulled Pork crisps - not had them before, might be nice?
  • Dairy Milk Oreo - had lots of these, they’re ace

got soup
also got PANCAKES

kin ell, mate!

Leftover roast chicken sandwiches. Hope there’s still a jam tart knocking about

is this a good kin ell or a bad kin ell?

it’s just… a lot