What will you be having for your lunch today?

It’s payday, so…


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fruit for later

seems fine to me?

Can’t believe he’s lunch shaming you. Such an elitist thread.

does he even know how far I cycle?

(genuinely think I’m still in a calorie deficit from the other day. 4000 calories burned and there’s no way i ate that much)

Lucky for you it’s pancake day :pancakes: :pancakes: :pancakes:

get off my nuts, irons!

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Alright, Ruby Tandoh.

Falafel burger in a naan wrap. Meh/10

Update: no jam tarts


the best kind of sandwich though

Had a meatball sub from the canteen - was ok actually

Just had a handful of peanut butter M and Ms

couple of sumas still to eat

yeah win some lose some

East Anglian baked potato with beans and loads of sweetcorn. Beetroot with horseradish (?!) on the side.

ended up having scrambled eggs and toast. bit of a poor show really. sorry all.

4 of these words shouldn’t exist in the same sentence.

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bit rich coming from you!

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Think you need to face facts mate, cuzzer buzzers* are here to stay.

*curry burritos

Had the pret butternut dhansak and the dark chocolate/sea salt bar

Half an M&S blackened chicken sandwich, half a Coconut and mango sunshine wrap (also M&S) and an apple.

I had a Gregg’s sausage roll at 11.00 and a Starbucks Lemon poppyseed muffin at 11.30.

Still a bit hungry…