What will you miss most about the internet after it's been fully regulated?


If we’re currently experiencing the internet in its wild west phase, what won’t be possible in future and what of that will you miss?

I think for me I’ll miss the happiness of certain of my acquaintances who enjoy watching illegal streams of films, series and football.




TC Tuesdays




Balonz’s various penis threads.


Crikey how many has he got? There’s two in my household and at times that’s overwieldy


dodgy porn




The grot. And the fact i can watch what tv shows and movies I want whenever I want to




anonymity is pretty fun and pretty much the backbone of a lot of the internet. Shame when that goes.


All the fisting and scat porn.

Slippery slope once they’ve banned that. I mean, do they stop at incest?? Gangbangs? Thats just not a world I want to live in tbqfh.


Probably that website that feeds me curated music news - but only for the artists I like and listen to.


no bandwidth throttling for certain websites


Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think it’s too far gone to begin to control in any manageable or enforceable way.

I mean, Napster shut down in what, about 2000? Pretty much a generation later and not only do we still have access to free downloadable music if we so wish, we’ve also got it in lossless quality along with movies, books, and pretty much every conceivable media we so desire.

We also have access to forums and blogs and everything else where ideas are spread, ideas and opinions are formed and discussed etc.

Maybe I’m being optimistic but I can’t see how any government or regulatory body could ever achieve a power-grab of all this - there’s always a way around online censorship and regulation, and as long as people have that curious streak there will always be pockets of the internet which remain unregulated/unregulatable IMHO.


Watching @Songs_about_ducking watching fisting and scat films


it’s been gone bruh


nothing really


google maps


ROSCOE is putting up bunting in the living room, MARLON is looking moody on the easy chair.

ROSCOE: (taking a drag on his corncob pipe) Y’know there, you’re lookin’ kinda blue to me.

MARLON: It’s none o’ yer business. (pause) Hell, yer just an ole SQUARE, you wouldn’ understan!

ROSCOE: Heh heh heh, y’know I member when I was a disillusioned street tough like yerself. I’d be out all hours of the day, glaring at officious building and telling stray cats to “bugger off”.


ROSCOE: You scoff, but y’know things ain’t changed that much since I were a lad. 'Cept the hoverboards, course.

THERESA MAY flies in

THERESA MAY: There’s no need to be sad, Marlon. Your malaise can be solved with these wholesome products!

MARLON: Listen lady, materialism ain’t mar bag dawg

THERESA MAY: But what’s this! My bag of myths! British myths! Capitalist myths! All is well, because we’re the best and everything is possible to everyone social mobility is just about technically conceivable as a possible providing certain narrow parameters are met

MARLON: Wow the future is fine

ROSCOE: So whaddaya think now, ole Marlon ole pal?

MARLON: I sure was a shit-for-brains wanker bastard yak’s anus of an idiot to ever have doubted the GENERAL FINENESS of the contexts surrounding my existence and the culture and whatnot

THERESA MAY: Until next time…

EVERYONE: Keep calm and carry on!