What will you never forget?

How many people on here don’t actually wash their bumhole. I can’t stop thinking about it.

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Hot dog
Jumping frog

A bath falls through the ceiling.

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bidet audit:

  • yes to bidet
  • no to bidet

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I add ‘partially permeable’ each time I’m singing along for this EXACT reason

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If you went to a bidet shop and you saw the one with the most powerful spray, the salesperson could say ‘sold to the highest bidet’.

I mean it wouldn’t work but they could say it.

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With Del Boy in it

Where I’m comin’ from

You don’t need to wash your legs. Gravity does this for you. Thank you, gravity.

Would you demand the one with the most powerful spray? Could try and intimidate the salesperson by asking if it’s possible to replace the existing spray mechanism with a power washer designed to clean pavements.

how to spell pheonix


@japes doing a trackstand at the top of sally cee


I think I’ve mentioned this before but I went to uni with him and he’s ace


I’m reading a book at the moment where the protagonist has a supernaturally keen sense of smell, and a couple of times now it’s mentioned “the smell that exists between a man’s ass cheeks” in a kind of half-comedic, exaggerated way, and each time it’s made me think of the unwashed anuses (anii? anuses) of DiS.

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Can we get him on here for a Q&A please

I believe that bidet salespeople are high trained and cannot be intimidated.

They like clean butts and they cannot lie

I thought that maybe the recent focus on the importance of proper hand washing techniques might convince the leg neglectors that they are gross but it seems that is not the case

Is a condom a membrane?