What will you never forget?

I’m reading a book at the moment where the protagonist has a supernaturally keen sense of smell, and a couple of times now it’s mentioned “the smell that exists between a man’s ass cheeks” in a kind of half-comedic, exaggerated way, and each time it’s made me think of the unwashed anuses (anii? anuses) of DiS.

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Can we get him on here for a Q&A please

I believe that bidet salespeople are high trained and cannot be intimidated.

They like clean butts and they cannot lie

I thought that maybe the recent focus on the importance of proper hand washing techniques might convince the leg neglectors that they are gross but it seems that is not the case

Is a condom a membrane?

I think he’s pretty tired of that sort of thing tbh

He’s done some very cool stuff since tho

Captain Tom, national hero


Fair. What else has he done?


lots of cool film journalism, had lots of odd encounters with celebrities, think he works for PlayStation now

We went to see babybird in Bristol last year



Similarly I think of one particular guy in my high school concert band every time I pluck my eyebrows. I have no idea why, but it won’t stop.

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Also my beloved football team being 2-0 up in an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley with just over 10 minutes to go and throwing it away. It’s been over a year and it genuinely still hurts.

I think I let sport impact my life a little too much.

This thread

The Alamo

You should tell him

Simple Minds / The Breakfast Club

I remember seeing a headline on News 24 saying " police hunt moat" and getting really confused by what was going on.