What will your luxury purchases likely be as you become old?



Hello everyone.

This isn’t a question about hobbies because we are not talking about hobbies today.

But my question is:

Assuming you want to do the whole savings, house, essentials bit, paid for kids’ education etc and lets say you get to 50 having gotten those all under your belt in the game of life, what are you likely to spend your extra cash on?

Are you gonna be a collector of hedgehog teapots? Are you going to be one of those perma-holiday bastards? Or just eat at fancy restaurants every week? Wine cellar? Tennis lessons?

What will 50 year old you be into, i’m saying. NOT fisting or pissing, that’s not banned.


Now* banned


Fancy restaurants mate. (Literally not a chance in hell I won’t be working until death without any disposable income, home ownership or hope whatsover)


Dreaming is nice, though. Fancy restaurants it is. Good choice. I DO like the idea of say every Wednesday night getting dressed up nice with the wife and having a really good romantic meal


I like the idea of being able to look down on a place that only has one Michelin star


:smiley: ‘oh fine darling let’s slum it. God I feel like i’m in a fucking McDonalds’


Saving up to be able to design and build my own house.
Going away.
Going to restaurants.
Still saving for that Eames lounge chair.

Who will have paid for their house, kids’ education etc by the age of 50? For some of you, that’s only 10 years away.


Perma-holiday bastard please. My parents are now both retired and this is all they do


I would like some pantaloons made from gold chainmail


Going to have heating on in every room all winter. My flat is freezing, being able to afford proper heating is all I think about during winter.


I guess I put down 50 as an arbitrary age because for me it feels like a lifetime away. Annnnd current plan with other half is not to have kids so assuming we buy a house next year we’ve got a good chance of paying that off I reckon


You could run your kitchen tap 24/7 too


dude i can just lend you mine now


Maybe they’ll have invented a cure for allergies by then and I will be able to drink wine.


or you can INVENT the cure/fund it


Only if I can have the matching waistcoat too


Maybe I’ll just grow out of it. I suddenly became violently allergic to sulphites when I was 21.


jet packs


How big do you think our pensions are?


If you could see any man’s pension whose would you choose?