What will your luxury purchases likely be as you become old?



You baby boomers can cover it!


I think I can do that anyway, we just pay a flat rate for water as part of council tax.


this isn’t about me. this is about imagining a great life. STOP RUINING THE THREAD YOU BORES





I bet he’s sorted himself out.


If only… but my wife has over a decade’s worth of final salary behind her!


Sounds like a keeper mate :wink:



I think I’d like to add ‘putting money into my pension’ as an option too.


Honestly can’t think of anything xylo.


i’ll allow it


what do you imagine ‘the good life’ to be in a perfect older-person scenario?


erm, you’re all already massively old


Just happy in a nice house (current one will do with a bit of work) with a nice wife (current one will do with a bit of work (sexist bants - sorry - she’s lovely of course)). Kids happy, preferably not at home, but happy.

Any spare £££ will probably be spent higher-educating them I guess.


carbon forks, obviously


(in all seriousness though: it will be high-end bikes. can see myself spending a stupid amount of cash on a bike in 10 years time i reckon. also holidays to ride it in awesome places.)


Holidays to the MOON.


Mate, that fad will be long done by then.

(I remember telling my parents I would be a skater FOR LIFE)


i’m hoping not (it has done absolute wonders for my mental health) but i would not be surprised if you are right


Fucking massive yacht