What word looks most different written down to how it's pronounced?

I know it’s not blancmange or Arkansas, but those do come to mind.


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Where the fuck DS that first r come from?
I swear it wasn’t there until 2001

I regularly worry about this

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Are names allowed? Featherstonhaugh

So they’re not allowed? What’s your fucking problem mousem?





gaelic names

oh BMS1 has this covered

Where are the at it lads?

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Had to take a break from reading a book recently cause the main character is called Aoife and it was annoying my brain I kept reading it phonetically

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this is getting a bit brits at it again but


The name St. John

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less so than on initial thought, i reckon. like… the reason some words don’t feel ‘right’ when written down vs pronounced is precisely because of the imported melting pot of language we have. pretty much every single word above is on the list because of other languages worked in to english and furthermore drone drone drone boring


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