What would be in your bag if you went on ready steady cook?


The budget was only £5 I think but let’s allow for inflation.


Aubergine, potato, carrot, onion, cheese, mushrroms.


Couple of Rustlers



Green lentils, carrot, onion, garlic, dried chilli, stock cube and a chicken breast.




If I was the celebrity chef I would create a big Mac using your ingredients.




Tofu, sweet potato, tender stem broccoli, semolina, irn bru, pickled onion monster munch




Bar of Fruit and nut chocolate
One mushroom
Jar of peanut butter


Haha I was thinking about this the other day!! No one ever knew what to do with couscous


Once had an anxiety nightmare where I went on a live version of the show and forgot to get ingredients.


I have nothing else to add.


at today’s prices? I suppose you could get half a block of stuffee at the deli counter for <£5, but you’d barely have enough left to prepare it with.


2 dozen eggs


jar of Opies gherkins
small cup of lean
some beaks
small amount of peppermint vape liquid


red tomatoes and green peppers


4 cans of hobgoblin and a sausage roll


Does the bag cost 5p?