What would be the repercussions if you started calling your boss



Zero repercussions


If that is all you ever called them from now on in?

If it’s zero then I don’t really understand why you aren’t doing it?

Maybe the repercussions would be “why are you calling me hombre? it’s a bit odd” and the awkward conversation that would ensue but there would be no further action


I reckon I could get away with it once or twice but then things might start getting awkward.


Would be a bit weird considering they’re a woman

My boss is called Dave Hombre

So it’d be quite weird calling him by his surname. Bit like the military.


I did look up the female (mujeres) but thought it would just mean more repercussions for hombre and that’s what I’m after.

Dave Van Der Hombre


He’s from Texas so I reckon he’d fucking love it.

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Might try it out in my appraisal this afternoon.

Well it’s my first day on Monday so I’ll try it out and let you know

Many thanks.

Rob Hombre

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Reckon he’d like it tbf.

And for that reason, I will not be doing it

I have two female bosses and I suspect they’d both think it was a little odd, if ultimately harmless. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of repercussions, though I guess after a while they’d ask me to stop it and use their actual names. Hope this helps.

Look at ol’ Jimmy two bosses over here!

known him 5 years and he is a cool guy but he might find it odd. No repercussions
My last boss who left me 6 months ago was called Robert but I would go “Hey Bobby!” from time to time and we loved it

My boss says YO instead of hi or hello or alright when he is on the phone to me. I think he is too old to say YO as a greeting.

He also says ‘you’re absolutely right’ all the time to the point where I put that in his birthday card and he seemed a bit offended when I explained, as if I was taking the piss. Should have put no offence.