What would be your favourite artworks then?



You can do up to twenty if you like.

Exchange recommendations with DiSers for things they wouldn't ordinarily like

Can I have Abu Simbal?

The Gone with the Wind poster for The Empire Strikes Back too.

Totally loved the Sunset piece in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern.


you can have anything you like in your list friend, it’s your list.

That bloody sunset thing, it finished before I first moved over here and everybody goes on about how great it was (perhaps not absolutely everyone).


It’s all a load of bollocks really, isn’t it?



Who does these? Love that shit.


Just as much as a lot of other stuff we do to pass the time.


simon stalenhag


fucking love the juxtaposition of banal 90’s electronics with weird sinister robots. Kind of scary!


This MS Paint masterpiece:




Saw this at the Tate M a few years ago. Don’t think any other artwork has made me feel so ok about the world.



I’d have to say the best of the Beatles album cover


I am either big on my landscapes/seascapes (Turner) or heavy into my black and white photography (Horst). Modern art does little for me, the masters do a lot. And new contemporary I can really enjoy when in the right frame of mind


Fucking love the rothko room at the tate modern tbh tbf



this is really cool, also those scooters look awesome, very satisfying shape, kinda elegant in an ugly way.


British? This, obviously:


oh wow i like that a lot. the first couple i saw i was like, this is fucking stupid, but the more there are the better it is somehow. like they say in the article, its something about the way theyre facing the same way, the fact there’s two of them, the colour, the sheer number of images is really quite satisfying. this is great


also always found this very beautiful