What would be your ideal email address?

If you could have a do-over, and could have any email address you like, with any domain you like, what email address would you choose?




I just want kallgeese@gmail.com back you Google scum.

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(I’m not called Jeff)

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Just firstname dot lastname gmail for me please. It wasn’t available so I stuck a random meaningless middle initial in. Once somebody said what does the h stand for and I had to admit it was all a lie, I just put it there because I thought numbers in email are a bit cringe.

First initial . Middle initial . Surname
My main email is full first, middle initial and full surname but that’s a long ass name of like 18 characters

My married name is short but common as muck so absolutely no potential for getting that but it would be nice to have first initial . Surname

I’ll stick with my current one, it’s great!




(the domain is taken apparently, plus I wouldn’t want it enough to pay for it anyway, and Discourse doesn’t add a mailto link for it)

A firstname@lastna.me domain hack would require Eritrea to sell domains at all, or if I trendily removed the vowels then I’d need South Korea to sell domains to foreigners.

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i like that i am old enough to have my name.middleinitial.lastname@gmail without any bother. and all the common mispellings as well. hahahaha. fuck young people.

that being said, when i was using my sheeldz name i would have wanted to register eel.dz and have my email address a sh@eel.dz but the Algerian lads don’t let non-Algerian based companies have .dz andings.

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Probably firstnamelastname.

Went with a nickname/shortened version of my last name and always feel like a tit when someone asks for my email address.

My father in law’s is Firstname_Initial_Lastname and he always used to emphasise the capitalisation of the names and initial to people. Literally doesn’t matter, that’s not how it works.

I got a gmail invite in 2005 by emailing a random person begging for an invite and then got my first name . last name and first initial .last name @gmail.com which i still use so I’m happy

I also have the gmail address that’s just my name, but because it’s a common name I get tons of emails not meant for me and that is annoying.

I’ve got my firstnamelastname at gmail and hotmail so i’m alright jack

when i was a 16 year old idiot in a pop punk band we all thought it would be funny to give ourselves nicknames and mine was just my name repeated. anyway thats my email address still

I’m fine with mine BUT I occasionally get emails from students trying to email their professor, so what I actually want is for her to have an email address more different from mine