What would be your worst job?



Army for me, shouted at all day then ironing and polishing for evening fun.


putting bits of styrofoam into / onto other bits of styrofoam. the sound of the stuff absolutely goes through me, it’s horrible.

(I’m sure this is a job)






Any kind of sales. Having to convince people that they need shite that they dont need. That or chugger.


I’m scared of working in a call centre, essentially because it’s the only job going in Belfast and it will have made the last 3 years of my life a waste. Anyway…


Always feel sorry for flight attendants. Spend your entire day squeezing up and down a narrow aisle serving pissed-up Brits whilst wearing overly tight pants in a huge aluminium tube 30,000 feet above the sea.


Office person.


Er, not to shit on all you lot. I’m just rubbish at sitting down and getting on with things. Previous office jobs have just left me filled with stress as I fail to do anything. which I them take home with me. Doing practical stuff means that I at least get to every so often tick something on the list,


Knife sharpener. Eesh.

Probably someone who has to attend scenes of road accidents, not sure I could handle that.


I like how the thought of killing people doesn’t phase you.

Clearly you’re officer material.


US Navy Seal


Watched one of those police docs yesterday where there was a bloke who was having to sift through 100s of hours of evidence on a paedophile’s phone and laptop. Don’t think I could handle that


Interesting point warny. What percentage of people currently in the army (or the armed forces if you want to generalise it) do you think has actually killed someone?


Think I’d be a pretty bad hitman/spy. Would immediately get killed after bungling my mission.


That’s killed someone while on duty, what they do in their spare time is none of my business.


There was a BBC article a few months back about the people who work for Google screening sensitive images. Seems like it massively fucked them up.




Working in mining/in Alberta tar sands or something like that. Working on an industrial fishing boat.


Surely we have all killed someone?