What would happen if you asked for a raise today?

well? WELL?

nothing doing

think i could get a promotion if i wanted though

they don’t want to pay you more but are happy to move you up the ladder

Today… polite rejection.

I have asked before in better times and received one though.

well, no system to get more money for the same role. either i stay at this level, or i try to move up a level and pay grade


Got one in early May. My boss would probably think I was on the wind up.

they’d most likely ask me how much I want, I’d ask for much more than I know I could get and they would knock me down a bit and then award it me with possible back pay since start of tax year

then id wake up

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theyd point me in the direction of the HR spod who would explain about the grading system and how my role profile and my performance template is inline with yada yada yad :sleeping:

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It’s looked at annually and I would get laughed at if I asked at any other time

EDIT: oops, sorry for replying to @Matt_was_taken


Think I naturally moved up an increment at end of month, so I would imagine it would be a “No”

I’ve been on furlough for ages and I’m really tempted to do this just for the absolute mountainous bollocked Zeus-tier troll move that it would be


i would be told to jog on. no-one’s getting a pay rise here unless you get promoted to a more senior level, and even then you don’t get that til at least next year sometime.

tbf i reckon i’d be told to jog on regardless of the circumstances based on some convos i’ve had before, but still.

Got a 3% one a few months back.


Looks like all your bosses are hiding the abstraction of your labour behind a pitiful Kafkaesque grading system


Wouldn’t even know who to ask, such is the bureaucracy of local government


Maybe I will try and Zoom the Mayor now


they’d say “we told you last week you are getting a 3% raise in January, now fuck off and ask again in another 5 years for an update”

ask to be the Mayor


This ^

They’d also laugh at me cause I’ve only been there four months

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Local government innit so would get laughed off my teams meeting