What would you buy right now if money were no object?

I’d buy one of those little robot vaccum cleaners.

One thousand lottery tickets.

A shitload of sushi

paper shredder

Good call. 14 million to one divided by 1000 = high chance of winning.


Also a calculator.

The new Spurs stadium. And then set fire to it, obviously.


Wouldn’t that go bad pretty quickly?


Also: a custom, hand-built bike. Probably 650B, Saffron Frameworks custom built and measured stainless steel frame in black / grey, Di2 Dura Ace, with DCR handbuilt wheels.

I’d buy a big fridge too I suppose

It’s not for sale. Doesn’t count.

You can only have one.

Finding it hard to picture this pniks…

everything’s for sale

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something like…

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With the mudguards??

Massive hammer and just go round smashing all of the things you guys have just bought


I think so. Keep flip-flopping in my head about what the perfect bike for me would be and it would probably have mudguard eyelets. I’d take em off in summer though. Also without disc brakes and probably not a dyno hub. Though again on the latter I’m undecided.

would be great to buy it then just switch it off