What would you do (dilemma thread / poll)

You’ve not been to the toilet for a number two in about 2+ days.

You’re out for a business lunch and suddenly (finally) feel the imminent urge.

You’re almost done with lunch and the office is 3-5 minute walk away.

  • pub shitter, pub SHIT-ter
  • office pooper

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*The pub is a very nice, fancy pub but you don’t know what their toilets are like.
**The office has nice, new toilets, but the door is near colleagues desks and in full view of your team if they see you.

How busy is the pub? How long will it take to drop your guts, any chance of your business lunch companions going to the toilets at the same time?


You can only play one RnB crossover hit of the early 00s

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Relatively quiet.
It’s been 2 days - you’re maybe unsure because it could be an explosive excavation and done in a flash, or could be a full 15 minute jobbie.

There is a high chance at least one colleague will go at the same time. lower that it’s anyone in your diret team, but can’t be ruled out.

Reckon id hold on til the office if possible

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Make sure the entire delegation are in the loos for the act. Turn it into a show of dominance.


It’s the “almost done” that’s tipping it for me. That 3-5 minute waddle back to the office is still looking perilously far off.

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Despite it’s incredibly problematic depiction of sex workers, What would you do is more of a banger, and also doesn’t feature texting via excel in the video.

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Taps aaf!!!


Just squat at the table, straight into an upturned cloche


food is over, but bill needs to be paid and you’re in conversation full flow. It would hawever just take a ‘RIGHT, slaps both hands on knees better be heading back’

Had to google what a ‘cloche’ is.
Consider me educated now.

I knew what I was doing

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I had assumed it was a stupid spelling mistake because Aggpass is stupid

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen a cloche in the wild

  • Me neither, mate
  • I am a very sophisticated diner, a man of the cloche

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Faux sophisticated hipster stuff though innit?

For me, when I need to go, I need to go. A 3-5 minute walk could be a disaster.


Dunno mate, never seen one in the wild have I