What would you do? (dropped chocolate edition)

I bought a four finger kit kat and dropped half of the last piece. So I’ve only had 3.5 fingers of kit kat and I feel unfulfilled.

What would you do?

  • Get over it and move on with your life. Maybe get some work done you slack bastard.
  • Buy another four finger kit kat and enjoy a 7.5 finger day

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Additional notes:
It took a while to find the lost piece because of the carpet pattern here, so the 3 second rule is out.
The snack machine is very close to my desk, so it’s not going to be a chore to buy another.

7.5 fingers is quite a lot of kitkat, man

if you could go a twoer i’d say maybe

option 3: get over yourself and eat the dropped half


no twoers available and I don’t have the willpower to only eat some of a four-fingerer.

What’s this 3 second rule pish?! It’s 5 seconds :wink:

Option 3 AND 2, obviously. (How dirty is the carpet at work?)

don’t be revolting

you should see the fucking stuff that goes into my 1 year old’s mouth and he’s fine

not sure how to measure that, I guess ‘kinda’ dirty

Yeah that’d be just getting picked up

eat it off the floor like the dog that you are


I’m going to admit I don’t know where I was going with this, and I’m completely unprepared for a non-committal answer.

Just buy a second one - it’s the first Friday after payday. Live a little.

probably just buy another then

the polling is leading me that way

It’s exciting letting DiS decide this very minor part of my life.

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It’s Friday, treat yourself.

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but what if you drop some of that one? would you still be unfulfilled or would it be fine since you’re now in credit, kitkat-wise?

oh god, you’re right. This is going to end up as a 28 finger day isn’t it?

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It’s back to 50/50. Dammit.