What would you do if you just walked out of your job like i did?


so yesterday right near the end of the day i txt my boss to say the job wasn’t for me, he replied saying to leave the keys on his desk

i have no new job to go to

one of the reasons i did such a gloriously reckless thing is that i got a redundancy payout last year and i’ve basically not touched it

i’ve never been travelling but now i’m free to fuck off somewhere for a bit, but where the hell should i go? might not do it till the end of the year, but would like to go somewhere relatively cold (i’m shit in hot weather)

gonna learn SQL this week, did a little bit of it in the job i’ve just left so can get into it properly now

also got some music stuff to do, recorded a poet last night and she said she’s happy to pay me to add some music underneath so it looks like i’m basically a professional musician for at least today :sunglasses:

gonna try do some exercise and some cooking, what else should i do? other than posting on DiS of course

How's your career / existential crisis going?

Go back in and pretend it didn’t happen Costanza/David style


Probably look for another job.




Good stuff, how long were you in the job?


This Kate Tempest gig has really got you pumped, huh?


dis hiatus for a month, get outside by 9am every morning, whatever else you do


5 months, the previous company i was at for 8 years and there’d been multiple times i was close to just sacking it off and didn’t so i’m glad i actually went through with it on this occasion

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If I was made redundant and my redundancy pay was megabucks, allowing me to not worry about the mortgage for a while, I’d train to become a bike mechanic.


IMMEDIATELY post on DiS about it.

But you’ve done that so I’m fresh out of ideas.


Serious answer though - budget for the next 3 months, get a job in a bar a couple of nights a week, then think clearly about what I wanted to do.

I’d train to be a joiner if I had a years funding behind me and cheap rent (which is a distinct possibility soon)


If I did it I would go home and have to explain to my wife why I would no longer be able to pay our bills and also that she should prepare to be deported from the country.


this has reminded me that i’m still logged into DiS on the work PC

aah well, it’ll be hilarious if someone else starts working there who posts here


Congrats for having the balls to do that :beers:

Do whatever makes you happy today and every so often stop and laugh like Brian Blessed about the fact you’re not in a job you hate anymore.

Upon looking for Brian Blessed laughing on youtube I came across this which I enjoyed -



cryin’ at home on the bedroom floor


Think I’d set myself up as a full time freelance proof-reader/copy-editor.


Woo. I was in almost this exact situation in 2015 and it was All Alright In The End.

The cliché is true about leaving the house by 9am. It’s so much easier to get back home and crack the job apps and learning new stuff once you’ve been out and exercised / engaged with society (it’s also fucking cool to marvel at how relaxing a saunter down the street is when you aren’t hurrying to work or in a lunch hour.)

You might want to consider one of those bullshit qualifications like Prince2 or ITIL for the ol CV. You can do exam only online with a webcam if you want to self-teach and pirate the resources. Still costs about £250-300 though. However, with interest rates so low any savings you are sitting on that are doing nothing will be worth less in a year anyway.

Keep a budget because it is easy to keep the same habit of spunking moolah everywhere as if you were still in a job.

Sign on for housing benefit but don’t bother with jobseekers allowance as its a waste of time and energy.

Plan to go away in the summer and aim to have a job by then, that way you can tell the fuckers that you had it planned already and they can’t really complain, or you could negotiate a start date for when you come back.


Start looking at stuff I could sell whilst I look for a new job.


Your mum