What would you do if you were on the programme Hunted?


Where you hide from a dubiously well informed team who can instantly track your car’s whereabouts, mobile signal and bank transactions. Where would you go, how would you travel, et cetera.


Probably just sit in the pub until they caught me, because being on reality TV is for cunts.


Probably just hide in a cupboard whenever they came round


your mum


i’d pre-emptively apply for a job inside their own actual team as a janitor with a fake tache. So right at the end when they couldn’t find me I’d suddenly wave from the back of the shot in the office and win all the money.


I quite enjoy Hunted but the lack of detail is really annoying. There must be loads of conditions the fugitives have to abide by, and without knowing them it’s impossible to really judge how well they’re doing or what you could do better.


Top myself with the sad realisation that my life had only amounted to this.


I’ll ask my wife.




Think I would nail it

Just wild camp somewhere remote the whole time - and buy cheap misery rations all in one go at the start so there would be no need for me to head back to civilisation at all

It would make very boring TV though - I’m sure the camera people following them around encourage them to do reckless things


Buy some train tickets with a credit card up to north of Scotland and a burner phone. Get someone to take train and phone. Then go in opposite direction as off grid as possible.


Always thought it would be great to have them shouting WHERE THE HELL IS HE while I kept accidentally staring into the camera while mopping the floor behind them


Go to one of the flats upstairs with a TV and some box sets, offer them 10 grand to put me up in their spare room for a month, I’ll be no hassle.



Seems to be pretty much the strategy of one of the pairs this series to be honest, or at least it was until one realised the other one was a total bell. Did enjoy him saying “good luck finding a black man here guys” when he was hiding out in Dalston mind.


Thing is if you were going to apply, why wouldn’t you spend a fair bit of time on the small chance you were selected digging holes with bug-out bag, burner phone, food, changes of clothes and cash in?


Yeah, from what I can gather they have to keep moving (so no holing up in one location for a month) and seemingly have to make contact with family or friends at least once (because they all do it when it’s an easy way to get caught).


i have thought about this -
do you have much advance notice to plan stuff?
i’m thinking lots of double bluffing - like getting on trains to places and instantly doubling back, posting my phone to one of my mates with instructions to text another mate about hiding me at theirs for a while, looking up loads of nonsense online before places i’m going to go which they can then have a little lookie through, when all my real research will be done on a laptop of something which i will have destroyed before the hunting.

first dye and then shave off all my hair halfway through or something, don’t talk to anyone, probably do some camping out in the woods, just keep my head down and try to set up a load of red herrings really

only seen the show once so some of this might be terrible ideas!


I think there must be restrictions on stuff like that and also you have to have googled and emailed stuff about it beforehand so that they can find stuff on your computer. So much of it seems staged so that the TV show works, which is understandable, but annoying.


Most of them do all these things. Then for some inexplicable reason they then phone up their partner and leave a message along the lines of “I’m holed up in the Holiday Inn in Colchester for the next couple of days. I’ll be wearing my Tinky Winky costume when I go out for lunch at 12:14 this afternoon. Happy Birthday.”