What would you do if


you needed to be in groups of five for a unit at uni and in the first lesson there’s you plus four other people (Peter, Bob, Jerome, John) at a table and you all already know each other and you’re basically pretty happy with it and just assume that that’s your group formed. 10 minutes into the lesson Clive arrives and sits at the same table. It’s a maximum of five per group, so the lecturer says someone’s going to have to leave the group. You assume Clive will leave as he was the last to join but he doesn’t. Clive is coincidentally the worst person in the group in terms of how much work he’ll probably do, and being late, etc. Instead, John gets poached by another group once the lecturer announces that your group has one too many. You assume the situation is remedied and forget about it. Your group is yourself plus Clive, Peter, Bob and Jerome.

Peter is someone who messages you every morning before uni to meet him outside the building because he’s insecure or something and needs someone to hold his hand. You’re probably ‘closest’ to him out of all the others at uni even you don’t like him that much and know he’s just using you as some sort of weird security blanket every morning before he goes into the building and on Whatsapp etc.

Peter and Clive don’t attend one of the classes in a different unit the day before we’re due to have our second lesson in the group one. John (despite being poached by that other group) asks Bob what’s happening about the group. He says he’s not sure, and invites another lad called Keith to the group. In Peter and Clive’s absence, the group has somehow now become Bob, Jerome, John, Keith and yourself.

Do you tell Peter before you go into the second lesson about what’s happened, or just get there (at the same time as him because he makes you meet him) and see what happens?


“…your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor.”


Put the bread and the potion in my knapsack, leave the gold. Hold the spyglass up to the eyeshield.


you were asked to give up your dreams for freedom?


I’m soooooo a Jerome.


Kill Jester


mate, surely you can make this story a bit shorter


How many were going to St. Ives?


Mate, I just want to be involved in this group project - Get off my case.




sounds like you’re stuck with Peter for life now


*rushes half-dressed into thread, pauses to catch breath*

SLEEP WITH A Moh ffs kallgeese


Re-start from a previous save where Peter hadn’t wasted the mana you needed, but before John got cursed. Also ,Clive could do that duplicate weapons trick, so exploit that shit.


Leeroy Jenkins it.


probably keep quiet until it resolves itself

you’re not in danger of being replaced it’s peter, clive, john and keith that will have to decide who’s in and out.

Maybe if there was a lot riding on it and john and peter were the best two i’d make some comment about it being confusing and ‘can we just go back to the original group cos it’s easier’ etc


This kind of fucking shit stresses me out more than any coursework


Shag Bob, marry Jerome, kill Clive.


link them all to this thread


not for me Clive