What would you do with Donald Trump if he had to spend 2 days in your house




What wouldn’t I do!?


Piggy back rides?


Explain the current competitive meta in Netrunner in an enormous amount of detail.


I live in a flat


Watch 3 series of 24


Closer proximity!


Invite round Kim Jung Un for a game of Twister


He’d probably pretend to listen while tweeting awful things about incinerating north koreans and how neonazis are just misunderstood or something


Play Russian roulette.


Top of the list.


Ask about the piss tape incessantly.


Get the decks set up, play a b2b set with him, invite loads of folk round for a party.


Probably open all the windows and turn a load of fans on to fuck with his ‘hair’, and just ignore him. That’d wind him the fuck up, for he craves attention.


probably just ignore him, or put cigarettes out on him


Cook up some nice steaks


Get some ketchup in, job’s a good 'un.


Leave my house for 2 days


Buy joke oversized kitchen cutlery, toothbrushes, door handles etc, and make him use them, with his tiny hands.


Actually, I would just leave and remove all the doors and windows.